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Wintertaling knows its way around the world of Corporate | M&A. In-depth expertise and broad experience are quickly and flexibly deployed. We give practical advice, make risks manageable and processes transparent, and do not shy away from any challenge. Our hands-on approach makes us your legal and strategic partner for every type of transaction.

Result-focused specialists

Our clients include Dutch and international listed companies, family businesses and high net worth individuals. Our specialised professionals promote their interests on a daily basis.

Marein Smits

CEO | Lawyer | Partner

Marein Smits CEO | Advocaat | Partner Marein Smits is…

Thom Schölvinck

Lawyer | Partner

Thom Schölvinck Advocaat | Partner Thom Schölvinck heeft ruime ervaring…

Tim Carapiet-Petit

Lawyer | Partner

Tim Carapiet-Petit Advocaat | Partner Tim adviseert bij nationale en…

Lisette Oosterveen


Lisette Oosterveen Advocaat Lisette is sinds 2020 advocaat binnen het…

Thédoor Melchers

Lawyer | Partner

Thédoor Melchers Advocaat | Partner Thédoor is sinds 2002 advocaat…

Esra Koopman


Esra Koopman Advocaat Esra is sinds 2020 advocaat in het…

Julien van Oosten


Julien van Oosten Advocaat Julien is sinds 2023 advocaat binnen…

Bart Dreef


Bart Dreef Juridisch Medewerker Bart is sinds 2023 juridisch medewerker…

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The earnout in the M&A practice

Een earnout regeling kan bij bepaalde transacties een goede oplossing zijn om onzekerheden in de koopsom te overwinnen. Maar een