About us

Client-focused, enterprising and knowledgeable

Wintertaling was set up more than 10 years ago and offers support in the fields of Corporate | M&A, Property & Construction Law, and Disputes & Insolvency.

The team is a mix of very experienced M&A, construction and property lawyers, and up-and-coming talent, who are both highly skilled and service-oriented. Wintertaling distinguishes itself by its open and informal corporate culture and by focusing on how we can best assist our clients, rather than on financial targets. Our clients include both Dutch and international companies (medium-sized and large), family enterprises and high net worth individuals. Our clear communication and expertise have allowed us to build long-term relationships with our clients over the years.

Marein Smits, CEO at Wintertaling

Everyone is co-owner at Wintertaling

Everyone is a co-owner at Wintertaling. In addition to being an excellent service provider, Wintertaling also aspires to be a fun, safe and respectful employer where professionals have the opportunity to develop.
The new structure means that all permanent employees, both lawyers and staff, are co-owners of the firm. Everyone is therefore a shareholder and shares in the profit. The profit is distribution is fully disclosed by the general meeting.

We do business for each other, contribute all the capital to the firm, and jointly ensure that everyone receives a fair share.

Our location

We are located in Amsterdam on the Zuidas