Tim Carapiet


Tim advises on takeovers, setting up joint ventures and other collaborative projects, decision-taking and governance issues at boardroom level, drafting commercial contracts such as distribution agreements and confidentiality agreements. He also gives strategic advice on business expansions, reorganizations and legal disputes.

He has a wide array of clients that include founders of start-ups, business buyers and sellers, directors and supervisory directors, formal and informal investors and venture capitalists, Dutch and multi-national manufacturing companies, distributors and retailers, and financial and other service providers.

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• Tim studied at the University of Maastricht (European Law School), the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (Erasmus), and the University of Amsterdam (Commercial law /private law).
• Tim previously worked for Boekel de Nerée Advocaten in the following departments: Corporate/M&A; Corporate litigation; and Real-estate transactions and project development.

Publications and news

Explaining pledge agreement- "court decision by a competent court"

Under Dutch law, contracts are interpreted according to the ‘Haviltex-doctrine’. This means that not only the wording of the contract is decisive, but also the meaning that parties could reasonably have attached to it (the so-called ‘subjective interpretation’). After all, a small entrepreneur can not be expected to bring in...Read More »

Q&A New regulation against unreasonable long payment terms

Do you work at a large company and do you sometimes enter into agreements with smaller companies or self-employed professionals? On the 1st of July a new act will enter into force that may affect your purchasing policy. In this Q&A, we answer questions that are relevant to your practice.

What...Read More »

Introduction of the UBO register, opportunities for the Curaçao trust sector!


Edo Smid and Dennis A. Evertsz discuss the concerns about the register for ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and a possible solution for shareholders who wish to keep their participation out of public view.

The Netherlands must have implemented a so-called “UBO-register” before the 26th of June 2017, in which all major...Read More »

Sequel to ACW 2016 - webinar by Procopio: Developing An Appropriate Funding Strategy

After the successful event in September 2016 by the Wintertaling StartupDesk in cooperation with Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP:  ‘Building and Funding a Great Start-up – Are You Silicon Valley Ready?’ as part of the Amsterdam Capital Week 2016 – you may now join the webinar by...Read More »

Wintertaling/AmsterdamCapitalWeek a success!





Now that the ACW-dust has settled again, the question arises: was the first appearance of Wintertaling at the Amsterdam Capital Week a success?

The words of Roger Rappoport, partner van Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP, sounded much like that: the organisation of this event is unprecedented by events in the Valley.

Together with Roger, Taco Heerkens Thijssen gave the more...Read More »

Wintertaling x Amsterdam Capital Week workshop: ‘Building and Funding a Great Start-up – Are You Silicon Valley Ready?’

On 26 September next, Wintertaling organizes in cooperation with Procopio, a Silicon Valley based law firm, the workshop  ‘Building and Funding a Great Start-up – Are You Silicon Valley Ready?’, as part of the Amsterdam Capital Week.

During the workshop we discuss tips, tricks and best practices to structure and finance startups...Read More »

Business Valuation & Start-ups


Registered business valuators also focus on Startups! Marein Smits, principal lecturer of Law for the Business Valuation programme of the Rotterdam School of Management, dives into the legal aspects of (acquisitions of or participation in ) startups and growth companies in light of business valuation, during a dedicated program for professionals.

For more...Read More »

Brexit – Ways to Change your Company into a Dutch B.V. or N.V.


In recent years many foreign (listed) companies have become Dutch B.V.’s (private company) or N.V.’s (public company). Vivid examples are Mylan, Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari and Altice.

With Brexit having become fact, companies from the United Kingdom are expected to look for possibilities to migrate to the Netherlands and other EU countries.

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Central registration of interested parties in corporate entities – Shareholders register and UBO register to prevent ‘Panama-paper’ controversies?


The call for a central register that specifies the shareholders of corporate entities already existed before the Panama Papers became headline news. Insight in the underlying parties is considered an important asset in combating fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Initially, only a central shareholder register was considered; now, however,...Read More »