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Wintertaling is the legal partner of Rockstart for the Smart Energy Accelerator programs 2017-2019! 

In this yearly program of 150 days, 10 international startups undergo an intense program mentored by Rockstart and external mentors to assist them in further developments. The accelerator aims at smart energy startups, think of developers of solar cells, IoT to regulate energy supply at home, a social network about saving and producing energy etc. Wintertaling is the legal advisor and sparring partner to the participating startups. Check for answers and participation.

A time in which people started as an employee straight from the classroom and remained there until retirement age is final and far behind us. Entrepreneurship has become the rule, judging by the huge increase in the number of self-employed and the existence of many “Centres for Entrepreneurship”. Also the Dutch government has become involved and wants to transform the Netherlands under the name StartupDelta into Europe’s largest ecosystem for startups: an environment where entrepeneurs ‘stand up, start up and scale up’. Wintertaling is more than happy to join in and therefore has recently launched its Wintertaling StartupDesk.
With legal, fiscal and civil-notary assistance of our StartupDesk, startups can grow from a sole proprietorship from the attic into a multinational enterprise that extends over several continents. For each stage in the development of a startup, our StartupDesk provides the right guidance with the right advice.
Unlike many professional legal advisers, we recognize the importance of using experienced lawyers. In our role as counsel in large corporations, we understand the essence of the right legal advice in the early stages of a startup or in attracting external investors.
Wintertaling StartupDesk consists of an advisory team of specialists in the areas of corporate, fiscal and employment law. Many of our startups are started by entrepreneurs with experience, but we also advice university spin-outs and student launched startups.

What do we offer?

We advise in every startup-phase, whether the startup is still in a conceptual phase or if professional investors are involved in the project.

For example, in the earliest stage we can advise every individual startup in its choice for a legal form with respect to liability risks and to achieve the start-tax benefits. With our in-house civil-law notary it is possible to establish the appropriate legal form (for instance by incorporation of a Dutch B.V.).
In case the startups attracts external investors, we can advise you on the conditions under which these parties will participate in the startup. We have extensive experience in this area and the practice shows that legal assistance at this stage is of great importance to founders of the start up.
In general, venture capitalists or other external investors have more experience when it comes to negotiating financing terms. With our advice, you prevent that you have to relinquish the helm to the investor. We’ll keep you in the drivers’ seat.
We act as a trusted advisor to our startups. In this role, we not only identify problems but we also actively will notice your legal opportunities. Where necessary, we provide the startup of an appropriate solution and the right advice.

Fixed Fee

We understand the challenges that come with starting a new business, and we believe that during this start-up phase proper legal guidance is needed most. But since this is also often the stage where the financial resources are scarce, we work with fixed rates that give certainty about the expected costs. In addition, we are flexible in making clear arrangements with regard to payment.

one hour free (phone) consultation

Also we offer our startups one hour free (telephone) consultation. We consider it important that you can come to us with all your legal questions without you having to worry directly about our costs. This offers our startups room for picking up the phone for pressing legal questions, and gives us the opportunity to stay in contact and actively explore possible legal risks that require a fast and adequate solution.

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