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Public consultation on the Act on the Amendment of statutory shareholders’ dispute resolution procedure

By november 25, 2019No Comments

On 22 August 2019 , the preliminary draft Act on the Amendment of the statutory shareholders’ dispute resolution procedure and clarification of admissibility criteria for inquiry proceedings (voorontwerp van de Wet aanpassing geschillenregeling en verduidelijking ontvankelijkheidseisen enqueteprocedure) was published. The preliminary draft is intended to make the statutory dispute settlement procedure more effective and to clarify the conditions governing access to inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber. Until 22 November 2019, interested parties could respond to the public consultation on the preliminary draft.

On behalf of Wintertaling, Marein Smits and Martin Blom have responded to the public consultation. In their contribution, they draw attention to the position of holders of depository receipts (certificaathouders) and they propose to give certain depository receipt holders access to the statutory dispute resolution procedure.

You can read their contribution here. (in Dutch) (mirror)