Event GO!-NH – 8 May 2019

On Wednesday 8 May we will host another meeting of GO!-NH. GO!-NH is an accelerator programme of the Province of Noord-Holland and Innomics. The program accelerates start-ups and innovation teams of large organizations in a three-month program, from an idea to a company that is ready to storm the market with innovative solutions. They receive training, tools and professional support from experts including Wintertaling.

Nine teams will visit us. They will start in the morning with a workshop given by Tim Carapiet from Wintertaling and Rutger Kemper from Leapfunder. In the afternoon there will be intakes that will be joined by four more external organizations. The day will end with a drink in our bar.

More information: https://www.noord-holland.nl/Onderwerpen/Economie_Werk/Projecten/GO_NH