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Workshop GO!-NH 2020: Corona-edition

By June 24, 2020April 7th, 2021No Comments


On 10 June, Wintertaling, together with Rutger Kemper (cofounder of Leapfunder, managing director of Presidents Institute), participated for the fifth time in the GO!-NH accelerator programme. This time they took part in one-on-one sessions on the legal and economic aspects of start-ups and financing. This session was followed by a combined webinar, in which the startups were informed about their professional lifecycle from incorporation to exit.

GO!-NH is the programme of the province of Noord-Holland in which 13 startups and spinoffs accelerate their business in three months through training, tools and professional support from experts. In the light of COVID-19, De GO!-NH Accelerator has taken measures and (temporarily) redesigned the programme. This year, the teams will follow the planned workshops online. Tim Carapiet explained the basics of setting up a BV (Dutch private limited company), structuring the company, various forms of financing and the terms conditions associated with convertible or equity investments. In these one-on-one sessions, all participants were screened and helped on their way through the legal jungle in order to setup their startup in the best possible way.

This year’s participants again set up unique concepts. DigiSurfer provides elderly people with laptops to stay in touch with the outside world, Seaweed Yarn makes yarn from seaweed and Fungalogic produces insulation material from biological residues using fungi. Cupbite too belongs in the list of innovative startups with their plan to make edible drinking cups for festivals. Van der Aarde also contributes by inter alia using crowdfunding to finance the environmental transition for farmers, and Outlander is committed to creating compostable packaging material. For more information about the participating startups, please see the following overview.

For more information about how Wintertaling can help you, please visit the page of the Wintertaling Startup Desk.