On May 24, 2022, Wintertaling and InsingerGilissen organize | A Quintet Private Bank will organize a closed theme meeting about support foundations.

Ivo Lurvink (Royal Concertgebouw) and Jonathan Barth (Wintertaling) will speak as experts by experience.

There are hundreds of institutions in the Netherlands where a Board of Trustees and Directors supervise ‘not-for-profit’ activities in culture, healthcare, education, but also in philanthropy. The institutions are often organized as a foundation, whereby a distinction is made between an implementing organization (main activity) and one or more entities that are responsible for financing the main activity (support foundation or ‘friends of’). In the game of cooperation between management/boards of the main activity and that of the funding institution, complex questions can sometimes arise about the responsibilities, but also about how far the involvement of both institutions extends.

It is important that the responsibilities are well defined and that everyone respects his field of work. This can become difficult in the event of fraud or conflicts, for example, but also in other situations.

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