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What to do with the UBO register?

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Introduction by Stefan Flipse

What is the UBO? Explanation by Esra Koopman


00.25: How the UBO started
02.50: What is the UBO register?
03.20: Who is the UBO?
04.30: Who is subject to registration?
05.50: Who is not subject to registration?
06.50: Who are obliged to register the UBOs information?
08.45: What UBO-information is (not) publicly accessible?

Further clarifications and examples by Onno Cusell


00.20: UBO qualification criteria: BV/NV
01.25: Example: Simple basis
01.50: Example: Indirect shareholdership
02.55: Example: Pledge
03.20: UBO qualification criteria: Dutch foundation and association
03.55: UBO qualification criteria: STAK
04.38: UBO qualification criteria: partnerships
05.15: Example: listed companies and 100% subsidiaries
05.40: Example: Pseudo-UBO

Practical complications by Stefan Flipse


00.18: When must UBO-information be registered?
01.35: Registration obligations: of the UBO itself
02.10: Registration obligations: for the management board
03.18: Registration obligations: for competent authorities and qualifying institutions (wwft-instellingen)
04.00: Feedback obligation (terugmeldplicht)
05.30: Further questions? Contact the Wintertaling Corporate M&A Team