Joris van Kerkhof

Joris van Kerkhof graduated at VU University Amsterdam in 1999. Since early 2000 he has worked in the notarial practice. Together with a few kindred spirits he established Wintertaling lawyers and civil-law notaries in 2006, by now a leading firm setting the tone. In 2013 Joris was appointed civil-law notary.


Joris works on a great diversity of questions in the field of family law and inheritance law. He counsels beneficiaries, heirs, executors and administrators, among others, in the settlement of an estate and the execution of all necessary proceedings for that. As the critical sparring-partner he takes his own view on Book 4 of the Dutch Civil Code dealing with inheritance law.

By now he has acted as a civil-law notary on behalf of only one party in various questions, in the field of inheritance law and family law, among other things. He will be appointed as a consultant, an adviser, a civil-law notary acting on behalf of only one party, or a conflict mediator. Obviously he draws up notarial deeds like marriage contracts (postnuptial and prenuptial agreements) last wills and testaments, certificates of inheritance and deeds of division.

But also for matters in the sphere of commercial and private property Joris takes responsibility. In his notarial practice he counsels on purchase and transfer, division into apartment rights, converting association of apartment owners (coöperatieve exploitatievereniging) into apartment rights, new housing projects, long-term lease (also: ground lease), building and planting rights, property rights and other rights like right in rem and real right.

2006         co-founder of Wintertaling lawyers and en civil-law notaries

2013         appointed civil-law notary


Dutch and English