Wintertaling StartupDesk

Wintertaling is Rockstart’s legal partner in the Smart Energy Accelerator programs!¬†

Rockstart: In this annual program of 100-150 days, 10 international startups are intensively guided by Rockstart and external mentors to help them with further development. The different accelerators have their own focus: Wintertaling is the legal advisor and sparring partner of the participating startups in Smart-Energy SEA4 (2017-2018), SEA5 (2018-2019) and SEA6 (2020), and Artificial Intelligence AIA1 (2017-2018) and AIA2 (2018-2019)

GO!-NH: Within the Go-NH accelerator of the province of North Holland, 10 startups, innovative SMEs, large organizations and institutions are assisted for three months in their further development of their innovative solution around the annual theme and provides the legal insight that each startup and scaleup needs to further develop and contribute to the sustainability objectives of the programme. Since the start of this regional innovation and accelerator programme, Wintertaling has been involved as a partner in the editions sustainable mobility (2018; 2019), circular economy (2018; 2019) and sustainable innovation (2020).

The time when people started working as employees from school and stayed that way until they reached retirement age is definitely and far behind us. Entrepreneurship has become the rule, witness the enormous increase in the number of freelancers and the many “Centres for Entrepreneurship”. Under the name TechLeap (previously: StartupDelta), the Dutch government wants to transform the Netherlands into ‘Europe’s largest ecosystem for startups’, an environment where ‘entrepreneurs stand up, start up and scale up’. Wintertaling likes to contribute to this and has therefore set up a StartupDesk.

With the legal, fiscal and notarial support of the Wintertaling StartupDesk, startups can grow from a sole proprietorship in the attic to a multinational group that stretches across several continents. For every phase in the development of a startup, our StartupDesk offers the right guidance and advice.

Unlike many professional legal advisors, we recognise the importance of using experienced lawyers. From our role as advisor at large companies we understand the essence of the right legal advice in the initial phase of a startup or when attracting external financiers.

A firm-wide team of specialists applies its extensive experience from our firm and within various accelerator programmes and initiatives (e.g. Rockstart, Go-NH, Capital Tour XXL/Amsterdam Capital House). Our startups range from seasoned entrepreneurs to disrupting inventors and university spin-offs. Because we also assist professional investors and angels, we know what we’re talking about.

What do we offer?

Advice from the establishment phase, during financing rounds up to and including the exit. We help startups tackle all legal challenges during their life cycle, such as drawing up contracts and regulations, in the event of growth and conflicts. In doing so, we take into account their financial possibilities. Guided by the lawyers and civil-law notary of the Wintertaling StartupDesk, your startup will grow from a brilliant team with a brilliant idea to a multinational concern.

Among other things, we can advise at the earliest stage which legal form is best suited for each individual startup, in the light of liability risks and the tax advantages to be gained in the start-up phase. The desired legal form (e.g. a private limited company) can also be set up in-house by our civil-law notary.

If as a startup you bring in external financiers, we can advise you on the conditions under which these parties participate in the startup. We have extensive experience in this field and practice shows that legal assistance at this stage is of great importance to the startup’s founders.

Generally venture capitalists or other external financiers have more experience when it comes to negotiating financing conditions. With our advice you avoid having to hand over the helm to the investor: you stay in the driver’s seat.

We act as trusted advisor for all our startups. From this role we not only identify problems but also legal opportunities. Where necessary, we provide the startup with a suitable solution and the right advice.

Fixed Fee

We understand the challenges involved in starting a new business and believe that it is precisely in this start-up phase that the right legal guidance is most needed. Since this is often also the phase in which financial resources are scarce, we work with fixed rates that provide certainty about the expected costs. In addition, we are flexible in making clear agreements regarding payment.

One hour free (telephone) consultation

In addition, we offer all our startups one hour of free (telephone) consultation. It is important to us that you can contact us with all your legal questions without receiving an invoice immediately. This gives our startups the opportunity to pick up the phone for acute legal questions, and gives us the opportunity to actively discover possible legal risks that require a quick and adequate solution.

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