Our firm has a team of experienced litigators. When conflicts cross borders, we liaise with lawyers in our various international networks.

We cultivate the art of resolving a conflict. Our focus is on the result, thinking out of the box and putting service to our clients up front. Our approach to existing cases is to find an efficient solution. New conflicts are either avoided or we make a litigation plan with tight time lines and no unnecessary proceedings.

We have a wealth of experience with:

  • summary proceedings;
  • proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber (a special Company’s court)
  • Netherlands Commercial Court proceedings (in first instance and in appeal)
  • arbitration
  • witness hearings, expert hearings
  • class action proceedings
  • proceedings based on the Security Act and penalties
  • international conflicts
  • tort cases, breach of contract, negligence
  • corporate governance related claims and all corporate litigation
  • liability of directors and shareholders
  • insolvency proceedings, including proceedings against the bankruptcy trustee
  • execution conflicts, seizure of rights and goods
  • collection procedures
  • professional liability in respect of tax advisers, notaries, lawyers, auditors and banks
  • construction litigation
  • private enforcement of competition and merger control regulations, including damage claims
  • conflicts with tax authorities (penalties, discovery, voluntary disclosure, recovery proceedings)