Due to the, from times immemorial, open character of the Dutch economy, our country has a strong international orientation. Dutch businesses have ample international contacts and many international businesses transact with Dutch businesses, have establishments here or invest in Dutch businesses or immovable property. Larger businesses, but also start-ups, come to the Netherlands. Businesses and funds establish here for tax reasons via trust offices, but also on account of departure from the United Kingdom following Brexit or actually on account of the very strong logistical position of the Netherlands with its large airports and seaports or for reasons of a safe and favourable investment climate as, for instance, applicable to the immovable property market. All the above combined with an excellent international tax position supported by many tax treaties and a very reliable tax ruling practice.

In addition, the world also offers many challenges to Dutch businesses. Cross-border business operations result in a mountain of new legal and tax issues. You can rely on the lawyers of Wintertaling for this.

International subjects that occur:

  • M&A (international acquisitions and joint ventures)
  • cross-border mergers
  • international treaties, e.g. the Vienna Sales Convention, the CMR (international transport law) or the New York Arbitration Convention
  • Dutch Commercial Court
  • international tendering proceedings and building
  • European rules and regulations
  • project development and immovable property investments by international businesses
  • national and European competition law
  • cross-border investments
  • distribution and agency agreements
  • international collection and attachments
  • international company law (e.g. EEIG)
  • European insolvency regulation and international bankruptcies
  • Immigration and Naturalisation Service / immigration and work permits for non-EU professionals
  • complex international inheritances

Several languages are spoken within our office; apart from English also German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Our locations are close to the three airports, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

Extensive international network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisers

As an independent firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries we are entirely free in the choice of cooperation with international colleagues and professionals of other disciplines. We dispose of a large network, home and abroad. As a consequence, we have quick and easy access to international colleagues for questions about international law or for personal international support during transactions and trade missions, even to emerging countries like Iran.

In terms of content Wintertaling works on a non-exclusive basis within two international networks  of medium-sized independent law firms Legal Network Alliance LNA and International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) This way Wintertaling disposes of an extensive network of law firms in the most important jurisdictions, worldwide.

For information you can address your personal contact within Wintertaling or:

Edo Smid

+31 (0) 6 53952014

Marein Smits

+31 (0)20 5207681