Corporate Profile

Our office was established in 2006 and is located on the edge of Amsterdam’s Zuidas (South Axis). Our partners come from large firms, but have consciously opted for a human scale. Personal service, tailored work and dedication are central in the handling of cases.

Team and services

Our team consists of lawyers and (candidate) civil-law notaries. We specialise in the field of Corporate | M&A, litigation, real estate, administrative law, employment law and estate planning.

Broad expertise and extensive experience are deployed quickly and flexibly. We provide practical advice, make risks manageable, clear processes and take on every challenge. We perform our work in an international and national context, as lead counsel or as part of a team. With our hands-on attitude, we are the legal and strategic partner for various transactions.

If desired, professionals from our extensive national and international network are involved in the work.


Wintertaling helps entrepreneurs and investors who are defined by entrepreneurial strength, growth and innovation. Our clients include (inter)national corporations, family businesses, professional investors, high net-worth individuals, growth companies/scale-ups and startups.