Wintertaling is a law firm with specialists in the fields of M&A, corporate law, contract law, construction law and real estate law.

Go to the relevant pages for more information about the specialisations and specialists. Our lawyers are listed in the Amsterdam Bar Association’s register of legal areas Areas of Law Registration.

Please be informed that, according to the Dutch Legal Profession Ordinance, it is necessary for a law firm to be affiliated with an internal or external trust / third-party funds foundation (stichting beheer derdengelden) in order to receive funds from third parties. We would like to point out that Wintertaling is not affiliated with a trust foundation, either internally or externally. Therefore, Wintertaling cannot receive funds from third parties, including its clients. Payments by clients of invoices validly issued to clients do not constitute receipt of third-party monies

 Contact details

visiting address:
Gebouw Vivaldi
Antonio Vivaldistraat 66
1083 HP Amsterdam

  Telephone: 020-5207681
  KvK-nummer: 60490748